About KOMO

KOMO is an artisanal coffee liqueur that uses 100% single-origin, high-altitude Arabica coffee beans. Carefully roasted, gently extracted, and blended with raw ingredients meticulously sourced from Japan, the fukuro-tsuri (袋吊り) drip filtering method of sake is then used to separate the larger coffee particles from the liquid. The painstaking process takes hours but ensures a glistening golden brown liquid that you see when you pour KOMO from our signature frosted bottle.

Expressively elegant, KOMO is a coffee liqueur for true coffee lovers.
KOMO is short for KoBiMo, a mythical coffee bean monster who is said to have once inhabited the snowy mountains of Niigata, Japan in the 1700s.

KoBiMo loved to roam around the nearby villages at night, looking for warm places to crash. And ‘crash’ some homes and temples he did, and villagers were terrified of him. In truth, KoBiMo is quite a friendly monster. Rumors have it that there have been sightings of KoBiMo in the present day. He is represented affectionately in our label illustration.
Sediment at Bottom = Yummy Goodness
KOMO-ko: You may see sediment at the bottom of the bottle, it's perfectly safe AND delicious! Those are yummy flavor particles (we call them 'KOMO-ko') that come from our natural cold brew ingredients. It gives KOMO its complex and deep coffee flavors. When the weather gets cold, KOMO-ko like to stick together even more, so every time you open a KOMO bottle, remember to shake the bottle a bit to let the KOMO-ko spread out before you pour.

KOMO House

Located in the picturesque Akakura Onsen town of Myoko Kogen in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan, KOMO House is where we will host guests and conduct coffee tastings. 
For booking inquiries for 2023 September onwards, please contact us.

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